About Us

Nick Silver Pickups is a private business, founded by Nikos Asimenios, based in Athens, Greece. It specializes in the manufacturing of handmade guitar pickups, aiming at providing a unique sound experience.

Nikos started as a musician, sound engineer, and several years ago he engaged with the construction and repair of stringed instruments. Driven by his quest for the perfect tone, he decided to make his next step and begun with the creation of pickups for his guitars and those of his friends.

The pickups are entirely assembled by hand, one at a time at Nick Silver Pickups Company and the materials used are of the finest quality. Thorough quality testing of our products constitutes our baseline principle ensuring credibility to our customers and Nick Silver as the first choice for custom pickups.

The knowledge, the skills and the uncompromising values, are the characteristics of our hard work, as we act with an unrelenting passion for our final product.

After many years of research, analyzing and planning Nikos Asimenios has mastered the creation of pickups, producing a range of diverse tones able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The pickups are fully handmade and wound one by one, in order to create the best product every single time. Materials of the finest quality are used, created according to the specifications of our products.


Why Nick Silver Pickups: The history behind the brand name

The brand name “Nick Silver Pickups” was not chosen to indicate one of the materials used for the creation of our pickups. The owners’ last name in Greek, “Asimenios”, is translated in English as “Silver”.

According to the Greek tradition, certain surnames identify ancestors professions, meaning that a person’s surname was associated with his occupation or craft.

Nikos’ grandfather used silver as a raw material and transformed it into pieces of fine jewelry. Nikos named his company in honor of his grandfather, and with inspiration deriving from previous eras. He has always had a love for vintage, quality objects that are made one at a time, with enough attention to detail to create an item that has long lasting value.

His ambition, dream and focus is to develop handmade and not mass-produced ‘Vintage Pickups’ based on the original vintage sounds and a blend of his own unique soundvisions. His products are destined for vintage lovers, those who admire an old style and yet prefer a modern interpretation. 


The Symbolic Meaning of the Iguana

One can spend countless hours observing a contemplative creature expressing infinite acceptance and contentment. Everything comes in due time. There is no hurry in its world. It is okay with simply being and to be finely tuned within the cycles of sunrise and sunset – these simple parameters of life sustain its well-being. Marveled and inspired by such a creature and the simplicity in its satisfaction was the inspiration for us to use it as part of our logo. It symbolizes sound in its perfection and purity that we always seek to achieve with our products; the attention that we pay in developing each pickup as well as the admiration and pure satisfaction that is derived from the initial process to the final outcome.

The Iguana symbolizes the subtle appreciation for all things and represents patience and an awareness of self when we need a reminder to just simply be.

This is part of the Nick Silver Pickups Philosophy, creating the perfect tone for our customers who then simply enjoy and admire it every single time they play their guitar.